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Setting New Standards for Military Computing

NAI's SIU34S, has been selected as the Mission Computer for High Accuracy Detection and Exploitation System (HADES) program.

Accelerate Your Time-To-Mission™

North Atlantic Industries (NAI) is a world leading independent supplier of rugged COTS embedded computing products for the industrial, commercial aerospace, and defense markets. We accelerate our customers’ time-to-mission with a Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®), aligned to MOSA, SOSA™ and FACE® standards.

Speed of Innovation

North Atlantic Industries (NAI) is pleased to announce its support of Stratolaunch, marking the successful test flight of the Talon-A vehicle, controlled by NAI’s NIU3A, serving as the Flight Control Computer.

Modular Systems That
Fit Your Footprint™

Unlock the adaptable power of NAI's NIU systems to seamlessly address your project's unique requirements. Engineered for precision, these systems outperform standard solutions by adapting to your needs by accommodating up to nineteen intelligent Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) function modules - empowering you to dictate the parameters of your project.

Revolutionizing Rugged Embedded Computing Solutions with the 68ARM4!

Level up your computing capabilities with NAI's 3U OpenVPX SOSA™-aligned Single Board Computer, featuring NXP® Layerscape® LX2 Processor Family and unparalleled configurability for diverse Mil-Aero applications.

Precision in Processing

NAI introduces the new 68PPC3 3U OpenVPX PowerPC SOSA™-Aligned Single Board Computer. Engineered for Rugged Performance, SWaP-Optimized and Powered by NXP® QorIQ® T2080 Quad-Core Processor.

Power, Flexibility, Security,
All in One!

Explore the capabilities of NAI's new 68G6 3U OpenVPX Multifunction I/O Board. Upgrade your operations with Unmatched Modularity, Major OS Compatibility & Seamless Integration.

Rugged, SWaP-Optimized and Secure for Mission-Critical Applications!

NAI announces the release of the 68INT6H 3U OpenVPX SOSA™-aligned Single Board Computer with Tiger Lake Intel® Xeon® W Processor.

Our Products

COSA Design Advantages

The NAI Advantage

At North Atlantic Industries, we combine the broadest range of modular, ruggedized embedded computing products with unique levels of expertise in critical I/O intensive applications to rapidly deliver more distributed, intelligent, SWaP-efficient and cost-effective COTS-based mission systems.




COSA's modularity, configurability and I/O density make unplanned design changes a breeze. Your program is saved. Your reputation grows. Your customer is thrilled

COSA's modularity gives you 1.4 quadrillion potential configurations. Meet virtually any embedded system requirement in record time, with little or no NRE.

COSA's channel density is unmatched in the industry. Add or change modules, boards or systems to meet your new requirements, in the same or smaller footprint.

COSA's long lifecycle support is ideal for long-lived Mil-Aero-Industrial applications. Design with technology and supply you know will be available for years to come.

Just How Configurable Are NAI's COTS Systems?


Smart Function Modules


Max. Slots Per Card


Max. Functions Per Interface Unit

Our COSA® Architecture gives you more than 1.4 Quadrillion possible system configurations...That's 2 million times more than the Earth's population!

NAI's highly Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®) enables you to leverage our portfolio of pre-integrated modules, boards, systems and power supplies to quickly and easily meet complex mission processing requirements – today and down the road.

Learn More About COSA View All Smart Function Modules

About Our Capabilities

All NAI products are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States.


At NAI, we have a wide breadth of engineering talent under one roof in Bohemia, New York.


COSA® designs perform “built-in” complex and time-critical tasks.


At NAI, we’ve invested in both physical and work process integration.

Trusted Experience & Design

NAI is a leading supplier of rugged embedded solutions that can be found in many mission-critical aerospace, ground defense, naval defense, and industrial applications worldwide.

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