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Precision Measuring Made Easy with NAI’s FACE®-certified Strain Gauge Function Module

NAI has obtained FACE® Certification for its I/O Services Segment (IOSS) Unit of Compliance (UoC) for its Strain Gauge Module. This is NAI’s fifth FACE certification and demonstrates NAI's commitment to top-level interoperability and compatibility. This module provides four independent isolated Wheatstone bridge strain gauge channels making it an excellent solution for applications requiring precise measurement of pressure, weight, or stress transducers.

The COSA® architecture powering NAI's strain gauge function module offers a combination of portable, certified software and open hardware standards that ensure scalability, upgradability, and adaptability to new technologies. This modular design approach provides a comprehensive solution for the aerospace and defense industries, enabling efficient integration of complex electronic systems and cost-saving.

Combined with the strain gauge function module, NAI's COSA architecture offers an advanced and reliable solution for embedded electronics and computing. Clients can benefit from a complete, flexible, and reliable solution that meets all their needs. The certification of the Strain Gauge Function Module IOSS UoC by the FACE Consortium is an excellent example of the many benefits that clients can enjoy from NAI's COSA architecture. NAI is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to help its clients achieve their goals, from precision measuring to seamless integration of complex electronic systems.

NAI is a leading independent supplier of embedded computing, Input/Output, communications, measurement, simulation, power and systems products for commercial, industrial and military applications built on a Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®). COSA offers the greatest modularity, flexibility, adaptability and configurability in the industry that accelerates our customers’ time-to-mission. COSA supports a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) that delivers the best of both worlds: custom solutions from COTS components with No NRE. For over 50 years, companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have leveraged NAI’s capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of processing, I/O and communication-centric applications, and do so with uncompromising quality, efficiency and responsiveness. Information about NAI and its products can be found at
SG1 - Strain Gauge Function Module

Module SG1 is NAI’s latest generation Strain Gauge Measurement Module. This intelligent, four-channel module is used on our Multifunction Embedded I/O Boards and Single Board Computers (SBCs). While there are several methods of measuring mechanical strain, the most common is with a strain gauge. The gauge provides electrical resistance that varies in proportion to the amount of strain in the device. The most widely used gauge is the bonded metallic strain gauge. To measure such small changes in resistance, strain gauges are almost always used in a bridge configuration with a voltage excitation source. The general Wheatstone bridge (conventional, 4-arm bridge) consists of four resistive arms with an excitation voltage, Vexc, that is applied across the bridge.

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