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High-Accuracy Sensing and Real-Time Diagnostics with FACE®-certified ARINC-429 Module

North Atlantic Industries (NAI) is at the forefront of providing exceptional embedded electronic solutions that adhere to the industry’s stringent standards such as those established by the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE®) Consortium. Recently, NAI achieved certification of its ARINC-429 function module, which adheres to the aircraft avionics data transfer standard using a self-clocking, self-synchronizing data bus protocol. The messages are transmitted at 12.5 or 100 kbit/s, eliminating the need to transmit clocking data.

NAI's COSA® architecture combines portable, certified software with a modular open systems hardware architecture, making it a game-changer in the embedded electronics industry. This unique combination offers unparalleled flexibility and scalability, allowing customers to easily integrate NAI's products into their existing systems while adhering to industry standards. With the COSA product line, customers can select from a wide range of configurable modules that work seamlessly together. This modular approach enables customers to create customized solutions to meet their specific needs, without incurring costly and time-consuming custom development. NAI's commitment to customer support and successful completion of industry certifications like FACE solidifies their position as a leading provider of embedded electronics solutions in the industry.

NAI is a leading independent supplier of embedded computing, Input/Output, communications, measurement, simulation, power and systems products for commercial, industrial and military applications built on a Configurable Open Systems Architecture™ (COSA®). COSA offers the greatest modularity, flexibility, adaptability and configurability in the industry that accelerates our customers’ time-to-mission. COSA supports a Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) that delivers the best of both worlds: custom solutions from COTS components with No NRE. For over 50 years, companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Raytheon have leveraged NAI’s capabilities to meet the demanding requirements of a wide range of processing, I/O and communication-centric applications, and do so with uncompromising quality, efficiency and responsiveness. Information about NAI and its products can be found at
ARINC Communications

NAI’s ARINC 429/575 smart function modules provide up to twelve programmable channels. ARINC 429 is a data transfer standard for aircraft avionics. ARINC 575 is an equipment characteristic for a Digital Air Data System (DADS) that provides essential air-data information for displays, autopilots, and other flight controls and instrumentation on commercial and transport-type aircraft. ARINC 568/579 smart function modules provides a communications interface with 2 channels. ARINC 568 is an equipment characteristic for Distance Measurement Equipment (DME). ARINC 579 is an equipment characteristic for a VHF Omnidirectional Radio range (VOR) short range navigation system.

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