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New VPX VITA 62 Power Supplies Page Now Available at

NAI is an industry leader in the VITA 62 power supply market with a complete line of 3U & 6U VPX AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies that support some of today’s harsh environmental requirements and demanding system power requirements. Our dedicated VITA 62 Power Supplies page has launched to accelerate your product choice; giving you the ability to search through SOSA™ aligned options, voltage inputs and max power outputs.

NAI’s VITA 62 power supply offering includes inputs of +28Vdc, +270Vdc and 3-Phase AC, which are compliant with EMI per MIL-STD-461 and Input Transients per MIL-STD-704. We offer off-the-shelf solutions which support all VITA Std I/O, signaling and features. In addition, NAI’s power supplies are compatible with System Management Bus per VITA 46.11, contain Continuous Built-In-Test (BIT), I2C Communication and Programmability. Features such as Current Share and Holdup Time are also available.

There are multiple connector options available to meet the requirements of VITA 62, VITA 62.1, VITA 62.2 and VITA 86. All NAI power Supplies are designed from the ground up using a discrete component design and operate to the full temperature ranges specified without de-rating. Output power up to 1,400 watts is available on our VPX products.

Visit the VITA 62 landing page at: