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3 Channels, 0.5 VA @ 28 Vrms

Synchros are transformer-type voltage/current transducers that convert a shaft or other rotating device's angular position and/or velocity to a multi-wire AC electrical signal. Both deliver signals proportional to the Sine and/or Cosine of the shaft angle. A Digital-to-Synchro simulator is used to convert digital angle/velocity commands to corresponding Synchro/Resolver AC signals.

A wide variety of D/S modules are available to cover the range of excitation voltages/frequency, include extensive field-parameter programmability, and provide a full operating envelope choice for simulating virtually any type Synchro. By eliminating the need for external transformers and operating with lower AC reference frequencies, these solid-state designs offer huge space savings.

All D/S modules feature a wrap-around self-test capability and most platforms support an optional, programmable AC excitation supply. In addition to state-of-the-art technologies and design algorithms, the modules include many other useful application features such as reference voltage and frequency measurement, reference loss detection, and paired channel, two-speed operation.

There are three types of D/S and D/R Modules.

  • Number of Channels: 3 Channels
  • Number of Channels: 1, 2, or 3 channels
  • Resolution: 16 bits (.0055°)
  • Resolution: 16-bits (.0055°)
  • Accuracy: ±1 arc-minute (.017°)
  • Output Format: Galvanic isolated. Synchro or Resolver and programmable as ratio or fixed. See Model Designations table in manual.
  • Output Voltage: 2-28 VLL (low voltage modules); 28-90 VLL (high voltage modules); 90 VLL (DS8 only).
  • Output Format: Galvanic isolation. Synchro.
  • Output Voltage: 2-28
  • Output Load*: 0.5 VA (3-channel), 1.5/2.2 VA (2-channel), or 3.0 VA (single-channel). Short circuit protected. *Output Load/Drive Power Derating: For low voltage modules (2-28 VLL), the specified power is rated maximum at 28-11.8 VLL, then derates linearly from 11.8 VLL to 2 VLL; For high voltage modules (28-90 VLL) the specified power is rated maximum at 90 VLL, then derates linearly to 28 VLL.
  • Reference Voltage: 2-115 Vrms Galvanic isolated. Uses 1 mA maximum/channel.
  • Output Load: 0.5 VA @ 28 Vrms. Short circuit protected.
  • Reference Voltage: 2-115 Vrms autorange.
  • Regulation (VL-L): ±5% max. No load to Full load.
  • Ratio: Dual speed, programmable, Set any ratio between 2 and 255 (two and three channel models only).
  • Regulation (VL-L): ±5% max. No Load to Full Load.
  • Ratio: Dual speed, programmable; Set any ratio between 2 and 255.
  • Frequency Range: Model dependent. See Model Designations table in manual.
  • Phase Shift: ±0.5° maximum between output and reference @ 0° default/commanded phase, or programmable induced phase shift tolerance.
  • Reference Input Voltage: Galvanic isolated, Uses 1 mA maximum/channel.
  • Frequency Range: 1 k - 5 k
  • Self-Test: Built-in wraparound self-test
  • Settling Time: Less than 100 microseconds
  • Phase Shift (A/B): ±0.5° maximum between output and reference at 0° default/commanded phase, or programmable induced phase shift tolerance.
  • Self-Test: Built-in wraparound self-test
  • Rotational Mode: Angle rotation speeds up to 1800°/sec with an accuracy of 1°/sec.
  • Start/Stop Mode: Produces the “Start Angle” and will rotate the output angle until the programmed “Stop Angle” is reached.
  • Settling Time: Less than 100 microseconds
  • Power: 5 VDC @ 570 mA; ±12 VDC @ 160 mA (no-load) per channel. (Add 2.9 watts of ±12 VDC for every VA of output per channel). Therefore, a 1.5 VA Load adds ±12 V 181 mA average, or 288 mA peak per channel. External ±12 V input power can be utilized.
  • Valid Output Timing: Output within the output accuracy bounds within 125 ms of receiving a reference voltage input.
  • Weight: 1.5 oz. (42 g); 1.85 oz (53 g) (DSN model)
  • Weight: 1.5 oz. (42 g)
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