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3U OpenVPX PWM Servo Motor Drive

The 68PW1 is a 3U OpenVPX single-axis PWM servo motor drive that can be configured with closed loop feedback measurement options including Hall, Resolver/Synchro or Encoder. The PWM drive provides programmable PWM output drive (up to 65 V @ 10 A continuous) from a single +28 VDC input source. Ideally suited for rugged Mil-Aero applications, the 68PW1 delivers off-the-shelf solutions that accelerate deployment of SWaP-optimized systems in air, land, and sea applications.

  • 3U OpenVPX (ANSI/VITA 65) / Profiles Supported: MOD3-PAY-2U2U-16.2.16-1, SLT3-PAY-2U2U-14.2.17, Data plane: 1 x1 PCIe (default) Control plane: 1x 1000Base-KX, P1 VPX TE MULTIGIG RT 3
  • PWM/Drive: Motor types supported - 2-phase brushed 3-phase brushless (BLDC), 28 Vin (nominal) drive power, MIL-STD-704F (18-50 VDC) 24V to 65V programmable PWM output drive, 10 A maximum (to 650 W max.), Discrete drive-enable control pins, P2/P3 TE high-current blade connectors
  • Ancillary I/O: 4x ±10V A/D, 12-bit min. (16-bit avail.), 4x ±10V D/A, 12-bit min. (16-bit avail.), 1x RS-422/485 SDLC control option, 1x RS-232 (console/debug, front I/O), 1x GbE (10/100BASE-T), (control or maintenance, front I/O)
  • Feedback/Control Options: Hall, Resolver/Synchro + AC Reference, Encoder
  • IPMC Support: VITA 46.11 Tier-2, basic, compatible (configured option)
  • Power Input: +12V, ±12V AUX, +3.3V AUX, ~10 W power dissipation (est./typ.), ~96% efficient PWM Drive
  • Operating Systems (host supported): Xilinx PetaLinux
  • Background Built-In-Test Continuous BIT (as applicable)
  • Modular & Programmable Architecture
  • Intelligent I/O library support (included)
  • Commercial or Rugged Applications
  • Operating Temperature: Rugged: -40º C to 85º C
  • Mechanical (ANSI/VITA 48): Conduction-cooled; 3U, 1.0" pitch, Weight: ~1.95 lbs.

PWM Function Specifications
PWM Amplifier Specifications (Single channel, unless otherwise specified) (after a 5 second warm-up period)
(Amplifier switching supply)
65 VDC ±5% maximum programmable, internally supplied
Standard: Brushed Motor interface or Brushless (BLDC) (pending)
Resolution/Loop Update
12-bit (monotonic over temperature) / @ 115 kHz
Output 325 W continuous, 550 W peak
Short circuit protected. Thermal protection determines duration of peak current drive.
Frequency 345 kHz
Bandwidth 800 Hz (minimum) open loop minimum in current mode w/ user programmable loop control variables.
Efficiency 96% (minimum, at 65 VDC / 5A)
Quiescent Power +12 VDC at 900 mA under no load conditions
+12V_AUX at 45 mA
-12V_AUX at 45 mA
+3.3V_AUX at 350 mA
NOTE: +5V NOT required.
Master Drive Enable A discrete input (normally open), opto-isolated from the motor supply, must receive a switch closure to permit operation
(and cannot be overwritten).
Shutdown Conditions
(@ 65 VDC nom.)
RS-422 time-out, PWM card time-out (software watchdog), Drive Fault (bias loss), Over-Temperature condition (110°C) at internal PS, Internal H-Bridge fault.
Output Filtering LC Filter added to all motor drive signals (EMI mitigation).
Input Current Limit / Soft-Start 8A (input current)
Over-current Protection Solid state circuit breaker 'detect and protect' - >8.5 A @ 9 ms (output current)
Ancillary I/O
A/D 4-Ch. ±10V, 12-bit (minimum) 16-bit (available) resolution, ±0.25% linearity FSR
(1-Ch. [parallel] available on front debug/maintenance connector)
D/A 4-Ch. ±10V, 12-bit (minimum) 16-bit (available) resolution, ±0.25% linearity FSR
(3-Ch. available on front debug/maintenance connector)
Serial Communications
1-Ch. programmable, up to 1.5 Mbps asynchronous or 10 Mbps synchronous (SDLC)
Ethernet, Command and
1-Port 1000BASE-KX provided on rear VPX connectors
1-Port 10/100BASE-T provided on front debug/maintenance connector
RS-232 Serial Debug/Console 1-Ch. RS-232, debug/console provided on front debug/maintenance connector
Feedback, Outer-Loop 1-Ch. Hall, Resolver/Synchro or Encoder (configured options, contact factory)
IPMC VITA 46.11 Tier-2 basic, compatible (configured options, contact factory)
Connectors Rear: TE CONNECTIVITY; P0: 2102772-1 (RT2-R,), P1: 2302785-1 (RT 3), P2: 1-1410271-1, P3: 1410279-7
Front Maintenance: mini-HDMI C-type receptacle
Block Diagram
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3/22/2023 7:39:34 AM
5/22/2024 12:54:30 PM
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