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Our pre-integrated, modular approach enables us to use the same building blocks across multiple platforms and programs, making them readily available for your specific customer requirements.

Multidisciplinary Engineering

At NAI, we have a wide breadth of engineering talent under one roof in Bohemia, New York. Our in-house engineering team is comprised of electrical, hardware digital design, mechanical, software, test and quality engineers.

NAI’s vertical integration helps to streamline our design process and ensure coordination across our team at every step. From initial design to final testing, qualification and post-sales support, end-to-end integration of systems and co-location of resources drive real-time visibility and rapid response. Under the control of a single management team, this tight level of coordination delivers enhanced speed, problem-solving and single-source accountability to our customers that has proven to be a differentiator in our ability to Accelerate Your Time-to-Mission™.

State-of-the-Art Design

State-of-the-Art simulation and modeling is used to validate designs prior to initial prototyping

  • MATLAB and Mathcad for function simulation
  • PSpice for circuit analysis
  • AutoDesk Simulation for mechanical and thermal analysis

Our project engineers frequently act as an extension of the customer's engineering team, helping to provide the most appropriate, cost-effective solution. We are optimized to accelerate your time-to-mission with integrated design, manufacturing, assembly, and verification teams - all from one trusted source.

We strive to encourage the next generation of engineers by sponsoring local high school robotics programs. We hope to spark young people's interest in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields. Click here to learn more.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

At NAI, we’ve invested in both physical and work process integration. This includes integration of systems encompassing engineering control, ERP, MRP, shop-floor control and supporting supply chain systems.

This level of coordination, under the control of a single management team, delivers a level of speed, improved problem-solving and single-source accountability to our customers that has proven to be a differentiator in their ability to out-pace and out-perform their competitors.

We design and build ruggedization into our products from the ground up. All design, manufacturing, test and qualification occurs within our 90,000 sq. foot facilities in Bohemia, New York. We do not subcontract offshore.

  • Enabled by best-in-class systems and tools that optimize the end-to-end flow and control.
  • Documentation management and control system for configuration management.
  • Integrated product lifecycle extension and supply chain management.
  • End-to-end integration of systems provide real-time visibility and rapid response, internally and across the value chain. All functions are connected through a variety of supporting systems and disciplines.

Customer visits are welcomed & encouraged. Contact us at (631) 567-1100 to schedule a time.

Our Services

In-House Ruggedization & Qualification

Environmental and EMI ruggedization qualification capabilities include temperature, vibration (sine & random), shock, humidity, and conducted emissions. Systems are ruggedized and tested to ensure they operate in harsh environments. Tests include: altitude, temperature-altitude, contaminate protection, explosive atmosphere, MIL-STD-461 EMI testing, and lightning testing.

NAI's In-House Ruggedization and Qualification Services
Printed Circuit Assembly Through Final Integration & Test

Featuring state-of-the-art SMT assembly, reflow, 2D X-Ray and Agilent 5D X-Ray and 3D Automated Optical Inspection equipment for both inline and final inspection. Computerized management data at every process point helps coordinate engineering and production and eliminate delays. Operators trained & certified to IPC-610 /J-STD-001. ISO 9001:2008 & AS9100, Rev C. certified.

NAI's Printed Circuit Assembly Through Final Integration and Test Services
Strict Control & Traceability Available

NAI employs a combination of Oracle’s AGILE software and AEGIS Software’s Factory Logix to implement a comprehensive product lifecycle management system (PLM). Traceability is maintained for components, process-flows and test results within the PLM system. Component-level traceability by reel and date code is available upon request.

NAI's Strict Control and Traceability Services
Exacting Functional Testing & Verification

NAI has Environmental Stress Screening capabilities onsite. This test capability applies to our smallest footprinted NIU products and power supplies to our largest ruggedized Embedded System products and power supplies. During Design Verification Testing all products are subject to temperature stresses from -40° C to +85° C while maintaining full specification performance. Full-rate ruggedized production products are tested to NAI’s standard ESS profiles of -40° C to +85° C or to optionally specified customer ESS profiles.

NAI's Exacting Functional Testing and Verification Services
Product Lifecycle Extension Services

Our dedication to a technology insertion strategy for our COTS products, provides 15 years or more of standard product support. A suite of lifecycle extension services offers additional options for greater customer control over hardware configuration and product longevity.

Nitrogen storage of critical components is available.

NAI's Product Lifecycle Extension Services
Warranty, Repair & Calibration Services

NAI offers a 1-year warranty on all products, as well as ongoing repair and calibration services to ANSI standard ANSI/NCSL Z-540-3 in an environmentally controlled area. All standards utilized in the calibration process have accuracy traceable to NIST.

NAI's Warranty, Repair and Calibration Services