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Board Support Packages (BSP)

Please contact NAI for the Board Support Packages (BSP) for the Single Board Computer in your system. We have Board Support Packages for Xilinx Zynq/Zynq UltraScale+, NXP T2080 and Intel E-2276ME for the following O/S: PetaLinux, Ubuntu, DEOS, VxWorks and LynxOS.

Software Support Kits (SSK)

Our Software Support Kits (SSKs) contain the NAI API library, device drivers, example code, and documentation to explain the contents of the kit.

NAI provides two types of SSKs: one for programming from a remote host and one for programming directly to the onboard processor. All I/O memory-mapped function data may be accessed directly from an onboard host processor over a system bus interface (i.e., VME, cPCI, PCIe,) or via Ethernet communication from a remote host.

Our SSKs are operating system-specific. To find out which operating systems your NAI product supports, go to the product page.

Contact the factory if a more product-specific SSK is wanted.

Embedded Soft Panel (ESP)

Our Embedded Soft Panel (ESP) is a graphical interface that allows users to configure and operate NAI products in a live session or in a demo session when hardware is not yet available. The user can also view a list of configuration-specific NAI APIs.

Other Resources

IP Configuring for Ethernet Supported Boards

If you cannot find the resources you need or have trouble downloading them, please contact us between the hours of 9am-5pm Eastern (UTC-5) at: +1-631-567-1100 or submit our Contact Us Form.